Are you experiencing conflict in your personal or professional life?

Is your business undergoing a difficult time of change or transition for employees?

Is friction among employees undermining productivity?

Would you like to improve difficult workplace, client, and customer relationships?

Acquire the tools and learn the skills to navigate these challenges successfully.


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Kerry O'Donnell

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Conflict is the beginning of consciousness.

 Conflict makes us acutely aware of differences with others.  The discomfort makes it challenging!

In a systematic fashion, I teach the substance of differences, skills for managing reactivity, and practices for working with conflict successfully.  

You will gain knowledge, skills, and the ability to handle conflict in new and effective ways. Using powerful tools including the Enneagram and Somatic Experiencing, you'll learn how to overcome the reactivity that tends to arise in stressful situations and utilize all three centers of your intelligence: cognitive, emotional, and gut instincts -- for better outcomes.

Specifically, you'll learn about your worldview, self-identity, stressors, triggers, defense mechanisms, the things you avoid and how they protect you; as well as how to get past them.  You'll discover how to tap into the intuitive strengths you developed through focused attention, and gain an understanding of how conflict can be empowering, constructive and transformative. 

Kerry J. O'Donnell, M.A., SHRM-SCP, EPC, SEP

Conflict Management Professional